Book `Diamond` assessment package

List of tests
Blood & Urine tests ** hs CRP
Tumour markers H. Pylori
Lung function test Electrocardiogram
Chest x-ray Body composition analysis
Doctor consultation Exercise stress test ***
Abdominal/pelvic ultrasound Calcium scoring
Bone mineral densitometry Dental assessment
Eye assessment ENT screening
Neuro-spinal assessment Aesthetic assessment
Pap smear (for ladies) Mammography (for ladies)
Price for men (RM) 2,880
Price for ladies (RM) 3,180

We will call you for the most convenient time arrangement.

1. ** Please fast on the exact day.
2. *** Please wear suitable footwear for the treadmill (Exercise stress test).
3. All the test must be completed in the same day.
4. Note: Health assessment packages may be amended without prior notice. Please call for further information.

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