Book `WS C208 (Male)` assessment package

List of tests
Full Blood Picture Renal Function Test
Liver Function Test Diabetic Screen (Glucose)
Lipid Profile Urine Analysis
Hepatitis B Screen Thyroid Screen
Hs-CRP (Coronary Risk) H.Pylori (Gastritis Risk)
Liver Tumour Marker Colon Tumour Marker
Pancreas/Stomach Tumour Marker Nose Tumour Marker
Prostate Tumour Marker Doctor Consultation
Price (RM) 290

We will call you for the most convenient time arrangement.

1. ** Please fast on the exact day.
2. *** Please wear suitable footwear for the treadmill (Exercise stress test).
3. All the test must be completed in the same day.
4. Note: Health assessment packages may be amended without prior notice. Please call for further information.

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